Big Valley Woods – 40 Home Sites

Problem: Need to build home sites, streets and utilities in Oregon?

Big Valley Woods had land use approval for 40 home sites and needed to get them built. There were however, some desired changes from what was approved several years earlier. The current owner wanted to rearrange the home sites on the property and move three sites from the existing community into the propose development area.
While the project seemed easy enough, this magnitude of project has a lot of moving parts. In addition to design plans, construction documents and contractor selection, there were many different agencies that needed to approve their regulatory aspect of the project.
Agency approvals were necessary from: Clackamas County Planning Department; Eagle Creek CPO; Clackamas County Engineering Department; Clackamas County Plumbing Department; Clackamas County Water Environmental Services; Clackamas County Sanitarian; Clackamas County Building Department; Oregon Department of Environmental Quality; Boring Fire Department; Oregon Water Resources Department; and Oregon Health Department – Drinking Water Program.
In several instances, one agency would need the approval of a different agency in order to provide their final approval.
Additionally, franchise utility coordination and design was required with Portland General Electric (electric utility) and Frontier Communications (telephone).


JD McGee, Inc. set to work systematically satisfying all regulatory requirements along with designing the site-grading, streets, storm water system, sewer system (including sewage treatment system upgrades), water system (including new transmission line, storage tanks and booster pump system). Construction work is nearly finished (April 2017) and homes are expected on the sites in the very near future.