How We Help


As a community and a business, your investment is always improving. JD McGee helps your facilities grow through design, planning, and liaison with local government agencies. On small and large projects, we help solve and preempt the roadblocks that come up in your development. Examples from our portfolio:

Steve Wise – Big Valley Woods

Purchasing, updating, and developing the Big Valley Woods RV Resort, Steve needed experts on his team to make everything run smoothly.

Columbus Greens – Street Repair

The streets of Columbus Greens were in a state of disrepair. A contractor had attempted a fix, but they needed JD McGee’s understanding of the underlying cause of the problem. 


Many factors affect how your railroad is built. JD McGee has worked on crossings, yards, and expansions up and down the west coast. We understand the challenges your project will face and bring you the best design for your needs. Examples from our portfolio:

Richard Best Transfer – Private Rail Yard

Richard Best Transfer, Inc., a company specializing in transferring products from rail cars to trucks, was looking to save some money on operational costs. They wanted a design to receive a unit train using land they already owned.

Coos Bay Rail Link – RR Crossing Improvement

Coos Bay Rail Link, working with Oregon’s department of transportation, wanted to improve a railroad crossing. They needed contract documents and construction support.


From facility improvements to complying with government standards, JD McGee helps to make sure operations run smoothly. We handle small and large tasks to meet all your survey, design, and mapping needs. Examples from our portfolio:

Industrial Client – Permitting Issues

This industrial client was using an engineer, but their site was not meeting state environmental requirements. They needed a plan to fix specific issues.

Evergreen Engineering – Biomass Energy Site


Need water to grow your operations? The water rights process can be daunting, and not everyone understands their options fully. We help clients research, decide, and work with Oregon Water Rights Department to get the most out of the process. Examples from our portfolio:

Telly – Crop Irrigation Rights

Telly needed an expert to handle his water right application so that he could continue to focus on running the farm.

Steve H. – Overdue Water Right Claim

After purchasing a property, Steve discovered that the previous owner had left him a messy Water Rights problem involving the state. He needed an expert to sort out the debris and make sure his rights were secured.


You have the vision to develop a large property, and understand that there are many factors involved. Our team understands the moving parts and works behind the scenes to support your vision.

Big Valley Woods – 40 home sites

Big Valley Woods wanted to build 40 new homes, and needed to make changes to the approved design. Getting approval turned out to be a much more complex process, and they needed JD McGee, Inc. to coordinate all the people and organizations involved to make the 40 homes a reality.

Evergreen Engineering – Industrial Client Expansion

Evergreen Engineering was hired to design a major industrial expansion. The client needed progress fast, and Evergreen needed assistance with civil and utility design.


Not sure where to begin? If we don’t specialize in it, we can connect you with someone who does. Let us know what your goals are, and the professionals at JD McGee will help guide you towards success.

Jeff – On-site Sewer Permit

Building a house for his niece, Jeff learned that the county would not allow him to build an on-site septic system. He needed an outside-the-box approach to get his permits approved.