Industrial Client – Permitting Issues

Problem: Having permitting issues on a mill site?

An industrial client had issues with stormwater runoff pollutants. The engineering firm they had been using no longer seemed to be a good fit for the work they needed to satisfy Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). DEQ issued a letter requiring submittal of a Tier II Corrective Action plan within two weeks. The plan had to include:
  • The specific type of additional stormwater treatment that would be used
  • The cost of the treatment solution
  • A schematic showing how the system would work
  • An operation and maintenance schedule


JD McGee, Inc. met with DEQ to ensure that we understood all of the issues, and then set to work to produce the required documents within the allotted time. In addition to the schematic, we developed construction plans based on survey data we had collected on a previous project. We submitted the required documents along with the construction documents to DEQ within DEQ’s required timeline. All documents, including the construction plans, were approved by DEQ without comment. Water sample tests since construction have passed.