Mark – Flood Insurance Avoidance

Problem: Suddenly required to purchase flood insurance?

In 2011, Mark was informed by his home insurance provider that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had changed the flood map,  and he would have to start paying for flood insurance. His investment was going to lose value and become a liability. In 1994, when Mark bought his house, the map showed his property within the 500 year flood zone – no insurance required. The new map, however, placed him in the 100 year zone. Worse yet, FEMA did not assign an elevation to the flood water (Base Flood Elevation, or BFE) so Mark's insurance rate would have to be the highest possible.


JD McGee, Inc. used FEMA’s software to model the stream and arrive at a BFE, then surveyed Mark’s property to see how it compared. We determined that his entire home was outside of the 100 year flood zone. Submitting our findings to FEMA, the flood map was amended so that Mark’s house was out of danger. Today, Mark does not have to pay for flood insurance and his original investment is restored.