Steve H. – Overdue Water Right Claim

Problem: Received a letter about a Claim of Beneficial use for a pond on a property you purchased?

Steve H. needed help navigating the OWRD (Oregon Water Rights Department) system for his property. Steve was contacted by OWRD because a Claim of Beneficial Use was overdue. He had recently purchased the property and was not aware that a previous owner had applied for a Water Right. He didn’t even know that in Oregon a Water Right was necessary for a pond. He needed assistance dealing with OWRD and he needed a Claim of Beneficial Use submitted.


John contacted OWRD and arranged to have the filing date extended. Then John surveyed the pond and started to complete the Claim of Beneficial Use. Unfortunately, the firm who helped the original owner fill out the water right application made an error in recording the proposed volume allowed in the pond. That error made it impossible to complete the Claim of Beneficial Use. So, John arranged with OWRD to have the original application canceled. He prepared a new application with the correct volume, Steve signed and submitted, and OWRD issued a new permit. The new permit does not require a Certified Water Right Examiner to prepare the Claim of Beneficial Use; Steve, the owner, can self-certify, which saves him money. John emailed Steve to remind him to close out the self-certification. Steve replied, “Thanks for the heads up, John!”